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Q: Does Combs Produce only service customers in Texas?
A: No, Combs Produce has a large distribution area with regular deliveries to customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.

Q: Does Combs Produce grow any of the products that it sells?
A: No, Combs Produce is strictly a produce distributor, buying every product that is resold to our customers.

Q: What is Combs Produce commitment to food safety?
A: Combs Produce only purchases fresh produce from growers who have a strict food safety program and are regularly audited by notable third party sources.  Every box of product that leaves our warehouse can be traced back to the original shipment from the grower.  We spare no expense in ensuring we are 100% food safe.

Q: Does Combs Produce offer case splits to accommodate customized product packs?
A: Yes, with adequate order commitments, Combs Produce will pack to meet your specifications in any regular retail and foodservice pack size.

Q: How many days a week does Combs Produce deliver?
A: We have trucks delivering throughout our core distribution area 7 days a week.

Q: Will Combs Produce deliver LTL loads?
A: Yes, while we continually strive to optimize our truck loads to maintain the most efficient transportation costs possible, we will accept LTL orders.

Q: Are Combs Produce products sold FOB or delivered?
A: Combs Produce sells the majority of it products on a delivered basis with its fleet of 25 trucks.

Q: Can Combs Produce meet large volume orders for products on ad?
A: Absolutely.  Whether through our brokerage and logistics company, First Choice Distributing or through our in house procurement team, Combs Produce can meet any order size you have.

Q: Does Combs Produce allow customers the option for private labeling?
A: Yes, in addition to our Nature's Harvest house brand, we have several items currently being packed in a private label.

Q: Does Combs Produce ripen any products other than bananas?
A: Yes, Tomatoes and Avocadoes, utilizing 5 forced air ripening rooms.

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