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At Combs Produce, our single most important business initiative is the safety of our products. For 10 years we have invested in a comprehensive food safety program - long before our colleagues saw the need. We knew how important it was - not only for the financial security of our own company, but for the financial security of our customers as well as the health and wellness of the consumers whose food choices flowed through our hands.

While it has not been the most cost efficient way to run our business, we fully believe that our continued investment in food safety eliminates risk down the road – for us and for our customers.  This investment may translate to slightly higher prices than our competition, but we believe that our customers are actually getting more for their money. When we eliminate food safety risks, we are providing our customers with a metaphorical insurance policy to aid them in dealing with impending food safety scares.

When requested, we can provide detailed information on individual boxes of product from the point of origin to you the Customer. And we can do quickly!

With Combs Produce as your supply partner, you'll never have to worry about the safety of your fresh produce. That's a promise!

  • Combs Produce only purchases products from reputable suppliers are GAP and GMP compliant.
  • Combs Produce maintains AIB and Primus certification
  • Combs Produce maintains a strict cold chain from the moment a product is accepted into our warehouse to delivery  
  • All Combs Produce trucks are refrigerated at the optimum temperature for produce transporting and temperature is continually monitored
  • Combs Produce trucks only carry food products
  • All repacked tomatoes are chlorinated to eliminate possible surface contamination
  • Combs Produce conducts random micro testing on product lots, packing equipment and wash water supply to ensure no bacteria is present
  • Only approved personnel are allowed into warehouse and all employees undergo extensive food safety training before employment
  • The warehouse and equipment are cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Combs Produce conducts regular mock recalls to ensure all processes are in place and personnel is adequately equipped


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